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Somos® 8110 Epoxy Photopolymer


DSM Somos® 8110 is a high-speed liquid photopolymer that produces flexible, high-impact-strength, accurate parts using stereolithography machines. It has a wide processing latitude and excellent tolerance to a wide temperature and humidity range during and after build. This material is especially useful in functional applications where flexibility and impact-strength are critical requirements (e.g., plastic bottles, packaging, automobile panels, electronic enclosures, medical products, and snap-fit parts).


Somos® 8110 Photopolymer is used in the solid imaging process to build three-dimensional parts. It is for use with a layer thickness of approximately 0.10 mm to 0.25 mm (0.004 inch to 0.010 inch). After part formation via UV laser exposure, rinsing with a solvent such as tripropylene glycol monomethylether (TPM) or 2-propanol (isopropyl alcohol, IPA) removes the excess resin. Then the part is post-cured by UV fluorescent light.

Physical Properties - Liquid

Appearance Transparent amber
Viscosity ~600 cps at 30°C
Density ~1.11 g/cm3 at 25°C

Optical Properties at 325 nm

Initial values for determining working curve for a He-Cd laser operating at 325 nm.

EC 6.0 mJ/cm2
[critical exposure]
DP 0.135 mm (.0053 inch)
[slope of cure-depth vs. In(E) curve]
E5 15 mJ/cm2
[exposure that gives a 0.127 mm (.005 inch) thickness]
E10 40 mJ/cm2
[exposure that gives a 0.254 mm (.010 inch) thickness]

Physical Properties

The numbers reported below are only approximate values. The actual values may vary with build conditions.

ASTM Test Description Somos® 8110 UV
D638M Tensile Strength 2,600 psi 18 MPa
Elongation at Break 27 % 27 %
Young's Modules 46,000 psi 317 MPa
D790M Flexural Strength 1,600 psi 11 MPa
Flexural Modules 45,000 psi 310 MPa
D2240 Hardness (Shore D) 77 77
D256A Izod Impact - Notched 1.6 ft-lb/in 87 J/m
D648 Deflection Temperature 129 °F 129 °C
D1004 Graves Tear 44 lbf 196 Newton

ASTM Test Description Polyethylene*
D638M Tensile Strength 13-28 MPa
Elongation at Break 100-965 %
Young's Modules 262-517 MPa
D790M Flexural Strength Not Available
Flexural Modules 310 MPa
D2240 Hardness (Shore D) 44-50
D256A Izod Impact - Notched 53 J/m - No break
D648 Deflection Temperature 55-56 °C
D1004 Graves Tear Not Available
Low and medium density polyethylene linear copolymer (Reference: Modern Plastics Encyclopedia, 1998).
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